The Top Five Pubs in Thailand

The coastal landforms offer the best feature for tourists. This is the main reason Thailand thrives in tourism. you is evident in the fact that they can also have time to sample the best entertainment spots where they can relax and have fun. The Pubs in Thailand provides the right cursive to meet the international market. depending on your income, you can sample the following pubs which feature among the best in Thailand.

Shades of retro
The owner of this pub took time to turn a garage int an entertainment spot. What a high-level of creativity. Apart from the variety of drinks served in this pub, you also have a chance to also enjoy fact foods which are tasty and delicious. As a customer loyalty programme, you will have a free popcorn as you unwind away from the nightlife.

Everything I this pub is just unique and the ambiance, as well as the customer service, will make your stay in this pub throughout the night.

Octave rooftop lounge
If you want to feel high and just stare at the light of the city as you also appreciate the architectural designs of the buildings then Octave lounge is the ultimate place to be. There is resident DJ to give you classical music at the same time have access to a variety of meals to suit your desire. Moreover, you also have a chance to enjoy a variety of wine with a touch of the high level of customer service.

Desi Beats
When you want to be at home away from home then this is the place to be. At this pub, you will enjoy cocktails as well as have fun through non-stop music ideal for nightlife. Moreover, you can also appreciate a touch of outdoor architectural signs with a touch of color combination to add glamor to the whole thing. The name itself suggests that the music beats combination is something you will admire with this pub.

This is a trending our which accommodates all ages. If yu want a pub where you can have fun with the entire family without others feeling out of place, then this is the pub to be. The fact that you will stay comfortable with the arrangement of the furniture designs as well as the total organization of this pub makes it maintain customer loyalty.

Funky Villa
This is one pub that is ever full of people from all races. The secret behind this is the fact that you meet the high-end market irrespective of the age. It has a variety of activities such that revelers wh may want some fun like dancing, playing pool or just relaxing will find this one of the best places to stay.

These are the top five best pubs in Thailand. All of them have top-notch customer service and accommodates all ages, as well as the selection of music, meets the international market. Although the choice of the pub entirely depends on the reveler, this just acts as a guide. Moreover, your taste and the strength of your pocket will be the guiding principle on whichever pub you may wish to unwind the nightlife.

Best Pool Heaters for a Pub and Restaurant

The pub is an entertainment spot where lighting is just like a basic need. If you are in a place where you have poor lighting system or frequent power outrages then you need a backup power plan. The system powers electric appliances which is the major source of energy. Some include the vacuum cleaners, entertainment appliances among others. The best pool heaters for both the pub and the restaurant depends on:

  • Pricing
  • Durability
  • Usage
  • The size
  • Heating time

We have many types of pool heaters to allow customers have a warm swimming session. The difference comes with the source of energy. Here are a few examples:

  • Solar pool heaters

Just as the name suggests, this is a pool heater powered by solar energy. If you choose to start a pub in the middle of the jungle where electric power is a challenge then this becomes a better option. Moreover, you could also use it as a backup power plan. At this point, you will even save because as long as you set up the equipment then you do not need to pay any other bills.

  • Electric pool heaters

This is the most common ones which are the main source of power. At the end of the month, of course, you will have to pay electricity bills. All in all, it is efficient and convenient unless you leave in a place where you experience power failure.

  • Gas heaters

Gas is one of the petroleum products; some countries have plenty of gas available if you compare with other sources of income. With this, you must get a good plumber who will fit the heater with uttermost accuracy because any small leakage can cause a disaster. Propane heaters Propane is also like gas but in a specific group. They work in a similar way like the gas heater.

Depending on the type of pool, you will take approximately up to 72 hours to heat a pool. So you have to plan your time not to get into the pool before this time. Moreover, depending on the surrounding temperature, it can maintain the heat for up to 12 hours. The longer you heat the pool the more time it will maintain the heat within the pool.

Countries that experience distinct seasons use pool heaters. During winter where temperature goes up to — 30 degrees then you have to use the pool heater for customers to still enjoy swimming. It is just like a warm water bath. The main benefits of a warm swimming experience in a pub are a value-added service which acts as an attractive feature. Secondly, you can use it to maintain customer loyalty due to the familiarity with the environment of your pub or restaurant. As a business owner, invest in a pool heater of any kind and you will experience the flow of customers to your pub. It is a service that makes you stand out from the competition. The hospitality industry is a sensitive one and you need to think outside the box to increase profits.

Selecting Wall Paints Colors for Pubs

Colors communicate to your customers and offer a relaxing environment for guests in a pub. Pubs are areas where guests want to relax and enjoy themselves while catching up with friends and events of the day. Just like any business, you should have a color theme depicted on the walls, accessories, floors and menu booklets. It gives a serious impression, the guests feel valued and some formal environment created in as much as a pub is an informal setup.

What is the best color for a pub wall?

If you decide to go for two or more colors ensure they are compatible and creates an awesome color block. Let it not portray a painting competition for kindergarten children.

Pale Colors

Pale colors have high light reflection capacity. They portray silence and a calmer effect to the walls. However, when there is limited space they give a wider view of the space.

Darker Colors

Dark colors give a saturated and depth artifice. At times, they may make a small space look congested especially if there is little space for movement.

Deeper colors

They reflect light more and give a relaxing and warm environment.

Color Combination

A pub has different surfaces and fabrics for beauty before you make a choice of the color of the walls, consider the color of the floor fittings, the fabrics on furniture, the color of floor tiles or wooden floor. Let the walls have a combination of either of the colors on the accessories for great color matching for the pub. The most dominant color in any of the fittings is the best color for the walls. It should also not be a conspicuous color it gives a shouting effect to the pub.

Color wheel concept

The color wheel should be a guide to the best colors that complement each other. Use colors, which are adjacent to each other on the color wheel or are directly opposite one another. They have a complementing impression on mood, attitude, and communication.

Functions of Colors


A single color can have many tones; if you decide to use one color vary their tone. Some colors portray the same tone while others have extreme tone concept.


Colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel are coherent and provide a good impression.


Colors on the opposite sides on the color wheel have a complementary effect. Use them carefully to bring out a good color block combination.


Neutral colors lack in the color wheel, their main advantage is the fact that they lack color competition. They are compatible with most pub walls; use them to create a satisfactory environment for all guests.


Bright colors give a shouting impression; they should be used sparingly with dark colors to create harmony or to communicate a quote on the pub walls.

Use colors, which widens the eye view of the pub and provides a welcoming mood to your guests cause simply building furniture using a miter saw is not enough. Mix colors with care and ensures they portray the same tone intensity to avoid color miscommunication.f4694a779cdfd1c205fcaa17e6b851d5

Alcoholic coffee drinks available in our pub


In Spain, alcoholic coffee is known as carajillo. Alcoholic coffee is a blend of concentrated alcohol and sugar. The drink is served as either hot or cold drink. Our pub has unique alcoholic coffee recipes to suit everyone’s taste and preference. The taste depends on the type of coffee used. Some of the alcohol coffee recipes include

Espresso martini

Espresso martini is a combination of vodka, brewed coffee and kahus all combined with ice. The recipe tastes better when the combination is vigorously shaken then served as cold alcoholic coffee.

Margarita pumpkin ice

This is a mixture of tequila, cream, sugar, pumpkin syrup, hot coffee and cinnamon. Garnish all the dry ingredients and add coffee and tequila to the mixture then combine with ice for a chilling hot alcoholic coffee drink.

Mocha latte chocolate

These recipe ingredients include espresso coffee, skimmed milk, chocolate syrup, ice, and kahua. Put ice in a glass and combine all the other ingredients in the glass. Stir until thick to your desire. This is a favorite drink during the summer season.

Morning roster

Morning roster is a mixture of tequila, coffee drink, cream, vanilla extract and powdered nut Meg.  Mix cream, coffee, and tequila in a bowl. Stir in a thin liquid add cream and the other ingredients and finally garnish with powdered nutmeg for the desired result.


Snow Cap consists of vodka, Frangelico, cream, coffee and raspberry. Combine all the liquid mixture in a glass. Garnish the cream and raspberry on top of the mixture some of the flavor.

Our pub has sweet alcoholic coffee drinks of different flavors, which include vanilla, strawberry, banana, and apple. There are different coffee species to add to the flavors for a unique and memorable coffee drinks.

We also add spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, Rosemary among others to add taste to the drinks. Some provide a bitter taste while others mild. Others are sugar for a sweet taste. You cannot miss a suitable alcoholic coffee drink in our pub to quench your thirst.

Alcoholic coffee drinks are healthy drinks, our pubs consider maintaining nutritional content of the ingredients in drink preparation; that is why our coffee is brewed separately and ingredients added on the glass to maintain nutritional content of spices to keep the spices fresh.

Ingredients and coffee are sourced from reliable suppliers renowned for quality products. Some of our recipes use natural juices and soft drinks like coke, together with brewed coffee to serve unique drinks. We take caution to cater for different PH levels that every individual requires. Our pub caters for people with health condition by preparing special alcoholic coffee drinks to suit them.

An easy-to-use espresso machine and chefs are well trained on any chemical reactions when combining different ingredients and drinks. They are approved by relevant authorities; to avoid any stomachaches or related conditions.

The blend of alcohol and brewed coffee contains numerous health effects because of caffeine content in coffee renowned for enhanced memory and concentration. Responsible alcohol drinking maintains health for major body organs responsible for major body system functions.

Ping Pong lovers gather in a pub

Ping Pong is a game played in a casual set up. The pub offers a casual environment to meet and catch up. The two activities are fun and compatible. Entrepreneurs have seen an opportunity to increase sales by defining a niche where Ping Pong lovers can enjoy the drink while playing. The pub requires ample space to accommodate the tables as well as a sitting arena for drinks. Hamilton, the hobby city has various pubs, which accommodate pubs with different hobbies and Ping Pong is one of them.

Why play Ping Pong in a pub?

Ping Pong is a simple game associated with few players; the requirements for set up are readily available. Even an individual is enough to make a team, giving it an upper hand compared to any other sport.


It also requires a small space for a single ping pong table that is worth your money and then, choose the right paddle. The time limit for the game is also a factor, which has made the pub adopt the concept and succeed in the business. Ping Pong is a childhood sport, a pub is a great place to unwind and enjoy the nightlife. Why not merge the two concepts to come up with a great business idea that generates income. Economists view the concept as timely; the longer a person stays in the pub the more the person engages in drinking, at the end of the day, the pub owner makes sales from beer sales and subscriptions in the competitions.

Novices in the sports also find an opportunity to engage in like-minded individuals for free lessons and later become addicted members of the pub to enjoy the drink and engage in the sport. This improves customer loyalty to your pub.

The brain game has many benefits, the loyal customers create a forum and engage various stakeholders in the sport to come up with different projects. The projects could be charity programs, promotion of Ping Pong in schools and Table tennis awareness and its mental and physical health benefits.

Renowned stars in the game also have a platform to meet and show their prowess while relaxing with their favorite drinks. Many activities and partnerships have been established and initiated in these pubs. It offers networking environment for awareness of any upcoming events and all the details. In case there are any challenges in the events, they can join hands to curb and ensure it is a success.

Any individual, who goes out, wants something to do outside their normal routine. A pub with Ping Pong gets more customers compared to one where they just go to drink and dance. A wine glass on one hand and a paddle in the other is entertaining and fun. Customers are glued to the pub to enjoy the nightlife. These pubs have to move a notch higher and ensure there is great ambiance, customer service, and value-added services to maintain customer loyalty.

Ping Pong is a popular sport globally; it is also entertaining and fun enjoyed by all ages.


Why dogs are restricted from pubs


Dogs are restricted from areas food is stored, prepared and served. The standard food agency does not allow dogs in pubs However, some proprietors violate the rules and allow dog owners to enjoy their fun while the dogs are beside them but there are still precautions to safeguard other pub users. Some of the exceptions include dogs accompanying the blind, autistic people and other special health cases. These dogs are highly trained and owners carry official documents to allow then enter inside the pub. While in the pub, they cannot roam around but lie under the table until the owner leaves. These are some of the reasons for these restrictions


Friendly environment

Imagine when everyone who visits the pub carries his dog. There is a possibility of conflict among the dogs especially of not well trained to handle other peers. Instead of revelers enjoying their drinks, they spend the rest of the time monitoring the dogs not to cause any damage. Dog restrictions make the pub, human-friendly and allow other pub users to relax and enjoy their drinks.



Rowdiness of pub users can stamp on the dogs and trigger their anger to bite. This can be expensive for the pub owner. The dog can also stray and get lost while the owner enjoys the company of friends over a beer.


Pubs are associated with drinking and smoking. Tobacco smoke is not friendly to the respiratory system of dogs; it can cause serious ailments, which can be fatal. The smell of alcohol may not be friendly to most dogs; some may be allergic and trigger serious illnesses.



The main reasons dogs are restricted from pubs are health-related effects. Pubs handle drinks and food. Can dogs eat in pubs?No. Some dogs may have communicable diseases which when they come into contact with food through sneezes or coughs they transmit to the food. This causes a serious hazard to everybody who consumes the food, it doesnt matter if your dog take k9 hip supplements. The legal battle against the pub may turn nasty. Prevention is better than cure.


Unwanted guest

Some dogs are used to have a great company with their owners at the table or laps. They may carry the habit to the pub, which may not go well with other pub users. The fact that they take leftovers of that spicy meat tempts the dog to have a bite can cause disturbances in the pub.


Keep law and order

The law restricts dogs from the pubs unless in special cases. To maintain law and order in the pub, adherence to rules is paramount. Remember defiant characters which might be experienced when someone is too drunk; they may even forget the dog, this will lead to many stray dogs roaming around. To keep peace with the environment and ensure everyone is comfortable government restricts on domestic animals is vital.


Dogs are pets, which leave our homes in peace, may act differently in public places since they are all strangers. In case you need to carry your dog around to the pub, seek clarification on necessary requirement with the local authority to avoid any conflict.



Why Grilled food is a good match with beer


Responsible drinking of beer has its own share of health benefits. However, prolonged consumption of beer on an empty stomach enhances its fast absorption through the stomach then it finds its way to the bloodstream; the negative effects on major body organs like kidneys, digestive system, liver and the respiratory system can be fatal. Grilled food offers the best choice of meals before, during and after beer consumption. It has a natural lipid content which acts as a sieve to reduce alcohol absorption to the blood stream. The idea behind grilled food is its ability to stay longer in the stomach before absorption, this helps slow absorption of beer through the stomach lining and further to the blood stream.

Medical experts observed most beer lover has an enlarged tummy and thick waistline. This is because of high artificial fat content associated with fast food meals, which is not healthy. The fat later turns to carbohydrate and stored as lipids along the tummy and the waistline. Alcohol stops the production of antidiuretic hormone, the reason for a constant visit to the urinal. Grilled food is prepared using salt to counter salt dehydration in the body.

High amino acid content found in grilled fish, offers essential vitamins to counter the antidiuretic effect of beer in the body. The high temperatures associated with grilling reduce unhealthy fat on the body responsible for increased weight and fat accumulation in major body organs responsible for fatigue and heart attack. In addition to effects of alcohol (hangover) the result is a non-energized body system.

Grilled food is also responsible for the reduction of antioxidants, which further reduced production of hydrocarbons renowned for cancer-causing effect. This also helps in providing a higher PH for prevention of acidic effect of alcohol on the stomach walls.

Beer is used in marinating grilled food; it is believed this reduces the production of cancer-causing chemicals associated with food preparation at high temperatures. Though not scientifically documented, beer kills carcinogens found in grilled meat; carcinogens are responsible for cancer formation cells.

The alcohol content of beer can be reduced through beer marinated grilled meats. This, in turn, reduces the effect of alcohol intake to keep you rejuvenated to handle the next day tasks with ease. Grilling requires high temperatures, the smoke produced by the grill after fat drippings are believed to contain polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) , beer blocks its productions during grilling.

All in all, beer complements the aroma that grilled meals provide at the backyard when having fun with your friends. It also completes the thirst while allowing you to enjoy the fill. Beer can be used as an ingredient in grilled food preparation( at the same time enjoy the bottle while having a great taste of delicious meals the pub has to offer. There is no proven direct relationship between grilled food and cancer. So far grilled food offer the best meal to prevent hangover because of the antidiuretic effect on the human body.

Hot Grill, Cold Beer & No Cancer: Win! – Food… by tasted

How to promote your newly established pub

It is the joy of every bar owner to have a high turnover of sales at the end of the day. However, this might not be the scenario if there is no intense advertisement and promotion to market the pub and drive traffic. A new pub can embark on a quick survey to get feedback from customers and work on areas of weakness highlighted for improvement. There are several ideas in promoting your business. Here are some of them.

Social media

Social media is the cheapest and most effective promotion methods. With no cost involved, you are able to get feedback from customers, answer queries and handle any concerns. Social media boasts of global coverage, which widens your target market. You can open a page on Facebook to provide followers with regular updates and any upcoming events the pub might host. Post pictures to prove. Others include LinkedIn and Twitter but Facebook is still popular.

Hot deals

Who does not love deals? Have regular and sustainable deals in your pub. This helps in forming a brand. The deals could be, buy one get one free, special cut off on specific days among others.

Apart from the drinks, good entertainment attracts customers. You can have a resident Dee Jay to mix and plays different music at will or on request. Contract a band to play on specific days and advertise. This is a value-added service, which indirectly promotes your music.


How will people know about a renowned musician visiting a pub without giving flyers? Though it is considered a vintage form of promotion, but proven to be the most efficient and effective form of advertising. The new way of sending out a physical flyers is to send out an email blast to people to let them know about the updates you have for your pub. Email automation help you do an automatic send of email to everyone that is subscribed to your page. There are a lot of email automation software like Convertkit, Infusionsoft, Ontraport and ActiveCampaign. Now, which one to choose? Convertkit! It is one of the top email automation software but you can also try the trial of infusionsoft.


Food and drinks are inseparable. You can provide tasty and delicious meals to complement the drinks. This is an added service, which makes the pub a one-stop pub to quench your hunger. You may not be able to offer all the meals but cook the most favorite for drink lovers. If the work is too cumbersome, you can outsource to sub-contract someone to make them.

Physical presence

Apart from an online presence on social media, physical presence is important. Have a stand in the upcoming event and fair to promote the pub using fliers, business cards, and posters. At the stand ensure you have a book that captures contacts and Email addresses to act as a database for your mail list. Make a follow up with a thank-you mail and send mail on special days and offers.

Customer service

Excellent customer service is a great attraction and builds customer loyalty. Hire employees with excellent customer service, the customers will spread the word through their online platforms and mouth, the referrals translate to increased customers and sales revenue.

Before you embark on any of promotional campaigns, understand your market and customer needs. Solve concerns of your customers. This is the first step in business success in the entertainment industry. Any promotions should focus on increased online presence and in turn increased sales. The first four months is to create presence after which profit margins will increase because of the effect of promotion activities.