Alcoholic coffee drinks available in our pub


In Spain, alcoholic coffee is known as carajillo. Alcoholic coffee is a blend of concentrated alcohol and sugar. The drink is served as either hot or cold drink. Our pub has unique alcoholic coffee recipes to suit everyone’s taste and preference. The taste depends on the type of coffee used. Some of the alcohol coffee recipes include

Espresso martini

Espresso martini is a combination of vodka, brewed coffee and kahus all combined with ice. The recipe tastes better when the combination is vigorously shaken then served as cold alcoholic coffee.

Margarita pumpkin ice

This is a mixture of tequila, cream, sugar, pumpkin syrup, hot coffee and cinnamon. Garnish all the dry ingredients and add coffee and tequila to the mixture then combine with ice for a chilling hot alcoholic coffee drink.

Mocha latte chocolate

These recipe ingredients include espresso coffee, skimmed milk, chocolate syrup, ice, and kahua. Put ice in a glass and combine all the other ingredients in the glass. Stir until thick to your desire. This is a favorite drink during the summer season.

Morning roster

Morning roster is a mixture of tequila, coffee drink, cream, vanilla extract and powdered nut Meg.  Mix cream, coffee, and tequila in a bowl. Stir in a thin liquid add cream and the other ingredients and finally garnish with powdered nutmeg for the desired result.


Snow Cap consists of vodka, Frangelico, cream, coffee and raspberry. Combine all the liquid mixture in a glass. Garnish the cream and raspberry on top of the mixture some of the flavor.

Our pub has sweet alcoholic coffee drinks of different flavors, which include vanilla, strawberry, banana, and apple. There are different coffee species to add to the flavors for a unique and memorable coffee drinks.

We also add spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, Rosemary among others to add taste to the drinks. Some provide a bitter taste while others mild. Others are sugar for a sweet taste. You cannot miss a suitable alcoholic coffee drink in our pub to quench your thirst.

Alcoholic coffee drinks are healthy drinks, our pubs consider maintaining nutritional content of the ingredients in drink preparation; that is why our coffee is brewed separately and ingredients added on the glass to maintain nutritional content of spices to keep the spices fresh.

Ingredients and coffee are sourced from reliable suppliers renowned for quality products. Some of our recipes use natural juices and soft drinks like coke, together with brewed coffee to serve unique drinks. We take caution to cater for different PH levels that every individual requires. Our pub caters for people with health condition by preparing special alcoholic coffee drinks to suit them.

An easy-to-use espresso machine and chefs are well trained on any chemical reactions when combining different ingredients and drinks. They are approved by relevant authorities; to avoid any stomachaches or related conditions.

The blend of alcohol and brewed coffee contains numerous health effects because of caffeine content in coffee renowned for enhanced memory and concentration. Responsible alcohol drinking maintains health for major body organs responsible for major body system functions.