Best Pool Heaters for a Pub and Restaurant

The pub is an entertainment spot where lighting is just like a basic need. If you are in a place where you have poor lighting system or frequent power outrages then you need a backup power plan. The system powers electric appliances which is the major source of energy. Some include the vacuum cleaners, entertainment appliances among others. The best pool heaters for both the pub and the restaurant depends on:

  • Pricing
  • Durability
  • Usage
  • The size
  • Heating time

We have many types of pool heaters to allow customers have a warm swimming session. The difference comes with the source of energy. Here are a few examples:

  • Solar pool heaters

Just as the name suggests, this is a pool heater powered by solar energy. If you choose to start a pub in the middle of the jungle where electric power is a challenge then this becomes a better option. Moreover, you could also use it as a backup power plan. At this point, you will even save because as long as you set up the equipment then you do not need to pay any other bills.

  • Electric pool heaters

This is the most common ones which are the main source of power. At the end of the month, of course, you will have to pay electricity bills. All in all, it is efficient and convenient unless you leave in a place where you experience power failure.

  • Gas heaters

Gas is one of the petroleum products; some countries have plenty of gas available if you compare with other sources of income. With this, you must get a good plumber who will fit the heater with uttermost accuracy because any small leakage can cause a disaster. Propane heaters Propane is also like gas but in a specific group. They work in a similar way like the gas heater.

Depending on the type of pool, you will take approximately up to 72 hours to heat a pool. So you have to plan your time not to get into the pool before this time. Moreover, depending on the surrounding temperature, it can maintain the heat for up to 12 hours. The longer you heat the pool the more time it will maintain the heat within the pool.

Countries that experience distinct seasons use pool heaters. During winter where temperature goes up to — 30 degrees then you have to use the pool heater for customers to still enjoy swimming. It is just like a warm water bath. The main benefits of a warm swimming experience in a pub are a value-added service which acts as an attractive feature. Secondly, you can use it to maintain customer loyalty due to the familiarity with the environment of your pub or restaurant. As a business owner, invest in a pool heater of any kind and you will experience the flow of customers to your pub. It is a service that makes you stand out from the competition. The hospitality industry is a sensitive one and you need to think outside the box to increase profits.

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