Selecting Wall Paints Colors for Pubs

Colors communicate to your customers and offer a relaxing environment for guests in a pub. Pubs are areas where guests want to relax and enjoy themselves while catching up with friends and events of the day. Just like any business, you should have a color theme depicted on the walls, accessories, floors and menu booklets. It gives a serious impression, the guests feel valued and some formal environment created in as much as a pub is an informal setup.

What is the best color for a pub wall?

If you decide to go for two or more colors ensure they are compatible and creates an awesome color block. Let it not portray a painting competition for kindergarten children.

Pale Colors

Pale colors have high light reflection capacity. They portray silence and a calmer effect to the walls. However, when there is limited space they give a wider view of the space.

Darker Colors

Dark colors give a saturated and depth artifice. At times, they may make a small space look congested especially if there is little space for movement.

Deeper colors

They reflect light more and give a relaxing and warm environment.

Color Combination

A pub has different surfaces and fabrics for beauty before you make a choice of the color of the walls, consider the color of the floor fittings, the fabrics on furniture, the color of floor tiles or wooden floor. Let the walls have a combination of either of the colors on the accessories for great color matching for the pub. The most dominant color in any of the fittings is the best color for the walls. It should also not be a conspicuous color it gives a shouting effect to the pub.

Color wheel concept

The color wheel should be a guide to the best colors that complement each other. Use colors, which are adjacent to each other on the color wheel or are directly opposite one another. They have a complementing impression on mood, attitude, and communication.

Functions of Colors


A single color can have many tones; if you decide to use one color vary their tone. Some colors portray the same tone while others have extreme tone concept.


Colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel are coherent and provide a good impression.


Colors on the opposite sides on the color wheel have a complementary effect. Use them carefully to bring out a good color block combination.


Neutral colors lack in the color wheel, their main advantage is the fact that they lack color competition. They are compatible with most pub walls; use them to create a satisfactory environment for all guests.


Bright colors give a shouting impression; they should be used sparingly with dark colors to create harmony or to communicate a quote on the pub walls.

Use colors, which widens the eye view of the pub and provides a welcoming mood to your guests cause simply building furniture using a miter saw is not enough. Mix colors with care and ensures they portray the same tone intensity to avoid color miscommunication.f4694a779cdfd1c205fcaa17e6b851d5

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