Why Grilled food is a good match with beer


Responsible drinking of beer has its own share of health benefits. However, prolonged consumption of beer on an empty stomach enhances its fast absorption through the stomach then it finds its way to the bloodstream; the negative effects on major body organs like kidneys, digestive system, liver and the respiratory system can be fatal. Grilled food offers the best choice of meals before, during and after beer consumption. It has a natural lipid content which acts as a sieve to reduce alcohol absorption to the blood stream. The idea behind grilled food is its ability to stay longer in the stomach before absorption, this helps slow absorption of beer through the stomach lining and further to the blood stream.

Medical experts observed most beer lover has an enlarged tummy and thick waistline. This is because of high artificial fat content associated with fast food meals, which is not healthy. The fat later turns to carbohydrate and stored as lipids along the tummy and the waistline. Alcohol stops the production of antidiuretic hormone, the reason for a constant visit to the urinal. Grilled food is prepared using salt to counter salt dehydration in the body.

High amino acid content found in grilled fish, offers essential vitamins to counter the antidiuretic effect of beer in the body. The high temperatures associated with grilling reduce unhealthy fat on the body responsible for increased weight and fat accumulation in major body organs responsible for fatigue and heart attack. In addition to effects of alcohol (hangover) the result is a non-energized body system.

Grilled food is also responsible for the reduction of antioxidants, which further reduced production of hydrocarbons renowned for cancer-causing effect. This also helps in providing a higher PH for prevention of acidic effect of alcohol on the stomach walls.

Beer is used in marinating grilled food; it is believed this reduces the production of cancer-causing chemicals associated with food preparation at high temperatures. Though not scientifically documented, beer kills carcinogens found in grilled meat; carcinogens are responsible for cancer formation cells.

The alcohol content of beer can be reduced through beer marinated grilled meats. This, in turn, reduces the effect of alcohol intake to keep you rejuvenated to handle the next day tasks with ease. Grilling requires high temperatures, the smoke produced by the grill after fat drippings are believed to contain polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) , beer blocks its productions during grilling.

All in all, beer complements the aroma that grilled meals provide at the backyard when having fun with your friends. It also completes the thirst while allowing you to enjoy the fill. Beer can be used as an ingredient in grilled food preparation(seriouslysmoked.com) at the same time enjoy the bottle while having a great taste of delicious meals the pub has to offer. There is no proven direct relationship between grilled food and cancer. So far grilled food offer the best meal to prevent hangover because of the antidiuretic effect on the human body.

Hot Grill, Cold Beer & No Cancer: Win! – Food… by tasted

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