How to promote your newly established pub

It is the joy of every bar owner to have a high turnover of sales at the end of the day. However, this might not be the scenario if there is no intense advertisement and promotion to market the pub and drive traffic. A new pub can embark on a quick survey to get feedback from customers and work on areas of weakness highlighted for improvement. There are several ideas in promoting your business. Here are some of them.

Social media

Social media is the cheapest and most effective promotion methods. With no cost involved, you are able to get feedback from customers, answer queries and handle any concerns. Social media boasts of global coverage, which widens your target market. You can open a page on Facebook to provide followers with regular updates and any upcoming events the pub might host. Post pictures to prove. Others include LinkedIn and Twitter but Facebook is still popular.

Hot deals

Who does not love deals? Have regular and sustainable deals in your pub. This helps in forming a brand. The deals could be, buy one get one free, special cut off on specific days among others.

Apart from the drinks, good entertainment attracts customers. You can have a resident Dee Jay to mix and plays different music at will or on request. Contract a band to play on specific days and advertise. This is a value-added service, which indirectly promotes your music.


How will people know about a renowned musician visiting a pub without giving flyers? Though it is considered a vintage form of promotion, but proven to be the most efficient and effective form of advertising. The new way of sending out a physical flyers is to send out an email blast to people to let them know about the updates you have for your pub. Email automation help you do an automatic send of email to everyone that is subscribed to your page. There are a lot of email automation software like Convertkit, Infusionsoft, Ontraport and ActiveCampaign. Now, which one to choose? Convertkit! It is one of the top email automation software but you can also try the trial of infusionsoft.


Food and drinks are inseparable. You can provide tasty and delicious meals to complement the drinks. This is an added service, which makes the pub a one-stop pub to quench your hunger. You may not be able to offer all the meals but cook the most favorite for drink lovers. If the work is too cumbersome, you can outsource to sub-contract someone to make them.

Physical presence

Apart from an online presence on social media, physical presence is important. Have a stand in the upcoming event and fair to promote the pub using fliers, business cards, and posters. At the stand ensure you have a book that captures contacts and Email addresses to act as a database for your mail list. Make a follow up with a thank-you mail and send mail on special days and offers.

Customer service

Excellent customer service is a great attraction and builds customer loyalty. Hire employees with excellent customer service, the customers will spread the word through their online platforms and mouth, the referrals translate to increased customers and sales revenue.

Before you embark on any of promotional campaigns, understand your market and customer needs. Solve concerns of your customers. This is the first step in business success in the entertainment industry. Any promotions should focus on increased online presence and in turn increased sales. The first four months is to create presence after which profit margins will increase because of the effect of promotion activities.